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Ideally recommended for patients up to 200kg

MacMed Pressure Care Mattresses have been developed to assist with prevention of pressure injuries and hospital-acquired infections associated with patient support surfaces.

Designed specifically for patients at high risk of developing pressure injury, the Macmed  Spinal Deluxe Mattress has an unparalleled, reputation for being highly effective choice for patients with spinal injury, the Spinal Deluxe mattress is the firmest in the Macmed mattress range, offering a three tier configuration that provides maximum support for optimum patient comfort and ease of mobility and self transfer.

All Macmed mattresses are TGA registered medical devices and exceed the recommendations contained in the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice guideline for high specification foam support surfaces.

Made in Australia and using only premium grade materials, each mattress is manufactured to last 7-10+ years in commercial service and backed by our unconditional 5 year warranty, ensuring the product is fit for commercial purpose.

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  • Australian made
  • Triple layer foam construction which exceeds clinical practice guidelines for pressure injury prevention
  • Embedded anti-microbials
  • Latex Free and endorsed by the Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program
  • Superior Waterproof Hospital Grade fabric cover
    • MVTR of 300g/m/day
    • Bi-directional stretch
    • Fully welded seams
    • Full perimeter waterproof zip, covered by 30mm waterfall flap
    • Highest chemical resistance available – up to 5000ppm chlorine solution and tolerating the full range of commercial hospital surface sanitisers.
    • Crib 5 Fire retardant
  • Firm corrugated top layer
  • Firm sidewalls with Hinge cutouts
  • 5 year unconditional Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Proven to be durable and effective averaging 7-10 years lifespan in commercial service
  • Customisable to any size
  • Custom labelling of covers and a choice of colours for institutional orders


Spinal Deluxe Single

Length – 1980mm; Width – 860mm; Depth – 150mm

Not the right size? Call us for custom sizing.


Indications for Use

Suitable for general use with patients assessed up to High Risk of developing pressure injury defined by:

Waterlow Score < 20

Braden Score > 10

Glamorgan Score – N/A. Please contact us for custom made surfaces suitable for use in Paediatrics.

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Product FAQ's

Are Macmed mattresses good value?

Yes. When you consider that we only use the highest grade materials available and we understand that the quality of these materials is a defining factor in the durability and clinical performance of our product – we believe that our customers receive value for money that is not routinely offered elsewhere.

Are Macmed mattresses TGA registered?

Yes. Macmed have been making medical mattresses with therapeutic pressure injury prevention benefit for more than 10 years. Our current Mattress ARTG No. is 202947. 

Do Macmed mattresses comply with Australian Standard AS 2281-1993?

Yes. All foam used is tested to comply with this standard, however this standard only applies to the foam component.

Macmed mattresses have been further designed and developed for pressure injury prevention in healthcare settings with reference to the following additional standards as guiding principles.

  • ISO 14971 2001 Medical Devices – Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices
  • AS/NZS 4187:2003 Australian/New Zealand Standard – Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment, and maintenance of associated environments in health care facilities
  • ISO 20743:2007 Textiles – Determination of antibacterial activity of antibacterial finished products.

Does the mattress meet fire safety standards?

Yes. The fabric covering is Crib 5 rated and the foams used also contain fire retardants.

What lengths and widths are your mattresses available in?

Fully customisable as required. Our mattresses are individually made to measure. This enables the hospital to have Macmed mattresses on all patient surfaces, offering all patients equal access to quality pressure care from first contact. We are experienced at producing after-market, pressure care, mattresses for all brands of hospital beds and trolleys

There is no additional charge for custom sizing, other than where additional materials are required for a mattress larger than 198 x 90 x 15cm.

Is your mattress suitable for all patients?

The Spinal Deluxe is the firmest in our range, designed for patients with spinal injury and to assist with pressure injury prevention for the majority of the adult population (50-200kg).  There is effectively no patient weight limit, however we recommend high-risk, frail and paediatric patients (<60kg) are ideally placed on a Platinum Plus, frail care mattress and high-risk Bariatric patients (~130kg+) are ideally placed on a Bariatric or Bariatric Ultimate mattress to achieve optimal pressure care for their body mass

How long can I expect my mattress to last?

7+ Years in commercial service. Macmed Healthcare mattresses are proven to last at least 7-10+ years in daily institutional service with many hospitals able to testify to getting 10+ years from their Macmed mattresses. The mattress is designed and constructed to remain clinically effective throughout this lifespan.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes. Because of the confidence we have in the quality of our mattresses we offer a 5 year unconditional replacement warranty against manufacturing defect.

How many layers of foam are in the mattress?

Three layers of multi-density foam, with a firm corrugated top layer. (can be altered to offer greater immersion). The mattress is constructed from three different foam types, which are specifically chosen for their pressure re-distribution and support properties. Foams are selected based on their ability to re-distribute pressure as well as their support factor and recovery rate, which are both very important for maintaining patient mobility during pressure injury management. 

Can you provide detailed information on the materials used and mattress construction?

Yes. Detailed information on the materials used and construction of our product is available commercial-in-confidence to institutional buyers on enquiry. All mattress materials exceed the clinical practice guidelines for a high specification pressure injury support surface.

What is the level of Pressure Care provided?

All mattresses have been pressure tested and conform to the requirements for a high specification static foam surface, providing an average peak pressure reading < 25mm Hg.

It is worth noting here, that for many reasons, the best test of any pressure re-distribution surface is to place an at risk patient on the surface and perform visual checks of the skin over a period of time – we recommend a minimum of 3 days.

Are side rails a standard feature?

Yes. Side rails are an important feature for patient safety and mattress durability and are standard on all surfaces wider than 76cm.

 Why doesn’t your mattress have a sloping heel area?

Heel slopes are not recommended. Research overwhelmingly recommends that heel elevation increases blood return and assists with wound healing and maintaining skin integrity. Unless the patient is maintained at an incline angle greater than 20-30°, blood return is generally reduced with a sloping heel area, which can be detrimental to pressure care of the heels.

The heel area of the Macmed mattress is constructed from a foam which is optimally suited to providing pressure re-distribution for heels and is the same material used in Macmed’s highly effective Heel Wedges and Footstools. The materials used in the heel area of our mattress offer better pressure care than a heel slope made of different foam.

 What is the moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) of the cover on the mattress?

The MVTR of the top fabric is optimised to closely match the natural moisture transpiration rate of human skin to ensure moisture is not trapped at the interface.

Our fabric is a premium barrier textile and is guaranteed to be fluid impermeable, while remaining breathable.

Does the cover have multi directional stretch?

Yes.. Multi-directional stretch covers are essential to ensure the cover moves with the foam.

Are the seams on the cover welded?

Yes. All of our mattresses are made to the highest hospital standards and able to be fully surface sanitised using common hospital cleaners including chlorine solution up to 5000ppm. All seams are fully welded and we DO NOT attach webbing handles – which are vulnerable to contamination and unable to be surface sanitised.

Is there a waterfall flap cover over zips?

Yes. All mattresses have a 360°WATERPROOF Zip protected by a fully welded waterfall flap

How do you clean the mattress?

The mattress cover is made from one of the most chemically resistant coated textiles available. It can be surface cleaned using all popular hospital surface sanitising agents, including chlorine solution up to 5000ppm. The surface should be rinsed with plain water and thoroughly dried before re-use.

The cover can also be removed and hot washed up to 95°.

The foam core cannot be cleaned and must be discarded appropriately if contamination occurs.

Note: Our mattresses do not have fabric webbing handles attached because they don’t comply with surface sanitisation to the standards required by many hospitals. Mattresses with fabric webbing handles must have their covers removed for hot wash sterilisation if contamination occurs. Macmed can provide optional grab straps for use when moving mattresses.

Does the mattress have a hinging system for bed profiling?

YES. Macmed Healthcare has been making hospital mattresses for many years and our single hinge design is among the most effective available with many mattresses still in service after 10+ years.

Mattresses can optionally be made without a hinge – ideal for aged care where beds do not profile, and residents need a consistent side rail surface for independent transfer.

What is the weight of a Macmed mattress?

Approximately 12kg. Please note that the use of premium grade foams may make our mattress heavier than mattresses made by other suppliers.

Are there any additional features of the mattress that assist with pressure injury management?

YES. Our mattresses are carefully designed and constructed from foams which are stable between 6-45°C. i.e. NOT temperature sensitive to body heat or indoor climate change.

This is a very important factor, when selecting a foam surface to assist with pressure injury management, because the properties of most commercially available Visco-Elastic foams ARE temperature sensitive and actually designed to be affected by body heat.

The problem with temperature sensitive foams is that they can cause retained heat at the interface (skin) and may hinder patient mobility due to “pot-holing” – where the foam around the patient’s body is harder than the foam beneath them, requiring more effort to change position. Alternatively, they also fail to provide pressure re-distribution when there is a barrier between the patient and the mattress (such as a slide sheet or incontinence pad).

Temperature sensitive foam surfaces provide variable performance and can be counter-productive to pressure care management and should therefore be avoided when selecting a pressure care surface.

Why don’t your mattresses have handles? Is there an option to attach handles?

Our mattresses are made specifically for hospitals and attaching handles to the cover hinders thorough surface sanitisation.

We recommend the use of removeable grab straps which are secured around the mattress only when needed to move it and we can supply these as an accessory if required.


Mattress Fabric Cleaning Instructions

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The Macmed guide to conducting an institutional mattress audit

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