Dermis Plus 3mm Pad 10cm x 10cm (Box of 10)

Product Code: Derm10554


Tri-block Polymer Gel pressure re-distribution pad

Dermis Plus is a range of pressure redistribution pads designed to help reduce the risk of pressure damage as part of a pressure ulcer prevention strategy. The products work by redistributing peak pressures and so reducing the risk of pressure related tissue damage.

Available as a sheet or strip, they can be used anywhere on the body identified as being ‘at risk’ including pressure damage associated with medical devices.

Fully washable and re-usable, hypoallergenic and odourless, the Dermis Plus contains a cross-linked three-dimensional polymer gel network infused with medical grade mineral oil that enables it to return to its original form as well as softening, moisturising and lubricating the skin.

A recent UK trial demonstrated that Dermis Plus is up to 10% more effective at distributing pressure than the leading competitor brand. The added benefit of the clear construction makes it easier to monitor skin integrity while in situ.

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  • Superior pressure re-distribution
  • Transparent to allow regular visual skin checks
  • Medical grade mineral oil to soften, moisturise and lubricate skin
  • Absorbs vibration and reduces friction and shear to the skin
  • Conforms to bony prominences and difficult to protect areas
  • Quickly returns to shape after stretching
  • Washable and reuseable (single patient only)
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • Thermo neutral. This product does not insulate against heat or cold.

Dermis Plus Pad


Australian Therapeutics Goods registered Class 1 Medical Device for the positioning of patients at High Risk of pressure injury.

ARTG No: 223592

Contents: 10 x Dermis Plus 3mm pads

Dimensions:  10cm x 10xcm

Weight: 1kg

Cleaning instructions: Please see download tab for care and cleaning guidance


If deterioration in skin condition is noted, clinical advice should be sought and, if so advised, use of the product discontinued.

  • For External Use Only
  • This product is thermal neutral and does not insulate against heat or cold
  • Not to be used as a primary wound dressing
  • Not to be used over nose or mouth
  • Use the products for no more than 16 hours / day
  • Single Patient Use only. Product can be washed, dried and re-used.
  • Do not Autoclave
  • Individuals with poor or compromised circulation should seek professional medical advice before using this product

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Product FAQ's

How should the products be cleaned?
Dermis Plus is suitable to be washed and re-used (single patient use only). Wash in mild detergent, rinse and allow to air dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Can the product be repaired?
No. if the product is degraded or damaged in any way, please discard.

Should the product be covered by a sheet?
It is not necessary and will obscure the view of the skin through the transparent gel, however light covering does not reduce the effectiveness of the product.

How should the product be disposed of?
This is a registered medical device. At the end of its useful life, the product should be treated as healthcare waste and disposed of according to local healthcare waste guidelines. It may be incinerated with other healthcare waste.

Does the patient or medical device still need re-positioning when using Dermis Plus?
Pressure ulcers result from a combination of factors including pressure, shear, friction, and maceration. In common with all pressure redistributing surfaces, carers should follow standard protocols for re-positioning patients and medical devices, as necessary whilst using Dermis Plus.

Is the product hypoallergenic?
Yes. Dermis Plus is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odourless and clear.

How can you place an order?

Macmed Healthcare are predominantly a wholesaler and commercial retailer. TRADE and RESELLER customers should contact our office to establish a trading account 0n 1300 308 184 or via email to info@macmedhealthcare.com.au

RETAIL customers can purchase the product online using credit card payment only. We do not recommend purchasing product via our website unless you have previously used the product, as we do not accept returns for change of mind or unsuitability of product. Visit one of our resellers <link to reseller page> for more

When will you receive your order?
Despatch is generally same day and delivery is generally within 3-5 working days of despatch.

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