Macmed Hip Protecta Pads (pair of pads)

Product Code: HIP70898


The MacMed Healthcare Hip Protecta is an innovative low profile undergarment incorporating removable side pads, designed to provide maximum shock absorption in the event of a collision or fall. With the potential to cushion any impact by up to 60%, they can reduce the incidence and severity of hip damage in vulnerable individuals.

Each Pack includes:
1 pair of protective pads

Pads and Briefs sold separately.  Value pack available:  Macmed Hip Protecta Value Pack

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Constructed from a unique, slim and flexible material, developed originally for the absorption of impact and as a protective liner in the aerospace industry. The skin-friendly product adapts quickly and comfortably to the contours of the human body protecting critical areas around the hip joints.

The soft and flexible protective inserts, which are less than a centimetre thick, slide easily into a pair of high quality, elastic cotton briefs ensuring excellent wearing comfort. The comfortably soft and flexible protective elements have had very high levels of user comfort and compliance even at night as many falls occur during trips to the bathroom.

The MacMed Hip Protecta can be washed at temperatures of up to 90°C without the pads, and 60°C with the pads. The cushion pads are easy to remove. Never allow the pads to come into contact with chlorine.

  • High impact absorption
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Slim fitting and unobtrusive, may be worn under normal clothing
  • Easily removed protection inserts
  • Designed to conform to body anatomical shape
  • Washable in temperatures of up to 90°C (if inserts are removed)
  • Laboratory tested for shock absorbency
  • High levels of user/patient compliance especially at night

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